1937 Carías Issue

The "prolongation" of the Carías administration in 1937 seems an appropriate place to end this survey of classic Honduran stamps. Carías was the definition of a banana republic dictator. He was a puppet of the American corporations and used the army to fight labor protests and enrich himself. He started his personal secret police, cried "Fake news!" and ended free press. He created his own "constitution" that allowed him to stay in office as long as he liked. The Carías issue of 1937 is a celebration of the evil lurking in the elites of the world. 1937 Cancels

Carias ABNC record from ABNC annotated die proof item F10229/ plate 76518

Carias plate proof Presentation plate proof from same issue

Carias cover 1 Posted from La Lima in December, 1937. Common BH50 cancel and Ca postmark.

Carias cover 2 Immigration cancel with CMa and D postmarks posted March, 1939.

Carias cover 4 BH50 cancel with DAD postmark posted February, 1939.
1937 issue prices

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