1865 First Issue Forgeries

Why are there so many forgeries?

Basically, because stamp collecting was a popular Victorian parlor hobby and many albums were available. There was high demand to fill the new Honduras spots in Victorians' albums, but almost none available for over a decade. There was public debate as to whether these really existed in Honduras. Forgery experts like Spiro filled the demand. There are at least 11 varieties of forgeries reaching colors that are not even close to the originals...light lavender, orange and even blue! Once the millions of remainders entered the market most counterfeits were destroyed and today are much more difficult to find than the original stamp. Good hunting!

1865 forgery key London forgeries

The Anderson Type 1 forgery is usually offered as a genuine canceled stamp by internet peddlers. Below is a full sheet of 25. It was described by a Belgian huckster from Hanzinelle as a printing proof! Wow! a genuine proof of a fake!

sheet forgeries ------------------------------------

1865 forgery prices

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