1891 Bográn Issue

August, 1891 to July, 1892

Bogran sheets

Since none of the Bográn stamps have the marginal engravings of the Hamilton Banknote Company it seems doubtful that the stamps were printed in New York City. There is convincing evidence that this issue was printed instead by MacDonald Engraving of East Orange, New Jersey.
Many of the Bográn issue were printed (thanks to Seebeck) on a type of paper unknown until 1899. Bográn stamps were printed in a host of different colors and sold directly to American stamp dealers as imperforate "proofs" or "trials." Like most mint Bográns, these never left the United States nor had a postal use. Unlike genuinely used Bográns, mint copies are a notch below wallpaper in reputation. Most 2, 5 and 10 Peso covers were mailed from from the San Juancito mine (pictured next) with ore samples for a lab in New York.

Bogran sheets

Bográn was president of Honduras from 1883 to 1891 and had a hand in selecting the design of the stamp showing his likeness. Like a majority of political leaders in Honduras he was a member of the small and rich male ruling class and dabbled in militarism. As the song goes, he had elliptical connections to pass his money around. Two of his cousins used these connections to become presidents themselves. All three had a hand in arranging things so the American banana companies avoided paying taxes to the Honduran people. Over a million "remainders" were sold by Seebeck.

Seebeck 2

Rosario Mine Very rare Bográn cover bearing five 50 centavos stamps. The San Juancito mine paid extra for registration and heavier ore samples. The lower MCS mute cancel is missing the white ring.

die proof 1-2 Peso die proof printed on thin India paper from the printer's file 526. The 1 Peso proof was passed over for the smaller format of the lower denominations. One of a kind! a unique and genuine Bográn proof!

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