1891 Bográn Stationery

Bogran mint
Bogran card 1 This 2c postcard was upgraded to international rate and mailed from Amapala in June, 1892. It bears an MCE cancel and OUS5 postmark. Had Amapala no 3c cards by this date?

Bogran card 2 This 3c postcard was also mailed from Amapala in December, 1891. It bears the same MCE cancel and OUS5 postmark.

Bogran card 3 This envelope was mailed from Tegus in September, 1891 with the common MCE cancel and CMD1 postmark. The CMD1 was unique to Tegus and used less than three years. It is a rare local usage.

Bogran card 4 Mailed from Tegus in April, 1892 with common CMD1 postmark.


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