1892 Columbus Issue

July 31, 1892 to August 1, 1893 - one year Columbus 1 Seebeck printed imperforate Columbus stamps in a host of different colors and sold them directly to American stamp dealers as imperforate "proofs" or "trials." These never saw Honduras or had a postal use. Columbus 2 Columbus 3 Registered covers from Rosario Mining Company are highly prized because they have high denomination Seebecks genuinely used. This cover is certified and bears an OMS from San Juancito and a mute MCS. Notice the 50 centavo and 1 peso stamps.

1892 cover Mailed from Puerto Cortez in February 1893 with OMSR cancel.

Columbus cover 6 Mailed from Puerto Cortez in February 1893 with OMSR and MCS mute.

1893 certified postcard Very early certified mail from Tegucigalpa in 1893. It bears the CMD and mute MCS, both common in that time period. It is Philatelic Foundation certified and its registration number 111 via an attached label.
prices 1892 Anderson Catalog of Classic Honduras Stamps ©2013.
Honduras Report by Richard Washburn The Oxcart, fall 1991.

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