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Stripes forgeries

After the Arias issue, the locomotive is is probably the most forged stamp from Honduras. The majority of locomotive stamps sold on the internet are not genuine but one of these four obvious forgeries. Distinguishing the counterfeits is something a child of eight can readily do so put away your perforation gauge.

Because the labels for the forgeries have changed over time both in description and nomenclature I have given the counterfeits easily remembered names that may seem simplistic, but reflect the most obvious and essential characteristic. Thus the Morehouse Type 3, the Bynof Type A, the Mejia Type C and the Watchorn Type D forgeries all become simply the "Bad Date" forgery. End of confusion. But be warned, there are those that will cling to security of old ways and will shout "It is obviously a Type IV!"

There are no forgeries printed on the laid paper that appeared in 1902. But there were 54,000 remainders in government hands in 1908. These mint stamps were sold directly to American stamp dealers. Some suggest that the frauds appeared because the mint stamps were so rare because postal agencies would sell mint stamps only for placement on letters immediately at the sales counter. This sounds quaint in view of governmental employees being paid in mint postage stamps and eager to sell them below face on the street corner.

Italo Ghizzoni, the director and chief engraver at the National Printing Works, was so disgusted when officials chose to ignore the counterfeits that he resigned. Stamp printing in Tegucigalpa took fifty years to recover. There are four distinct forgeries and all are so easy to spot. Every known fraud, yes every one, will fall into one of these four groups. Even a child can spot them. It is disgusting how peddlers online continue theirs lies. See The Rogues Gallery

And ignore shrewd insights like "the mountain is more pointed" or "the cabin is completely shaded and the letter is too tall." These suggestions come from little people that find accomplishment in making the simple complicated.

Counterfeit Cancels

on Genuine Train Stamps

thuin bar cancels Thuin prepared two forgeries of the bar cancellations, one a BH50 and the other a BH81. They are shown above but will not be discussed because no details have been determined on the ABC values of the same. Without such values and without examples of the forgeries on cover to examine, little more can be provided to aid in determination.  1898 bad cancels The BH81CF looks like a BH81C to be introduced years later except for the letters being oddly squared and slightly shorter.

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