1911 Honduran Scene

Validity: Jan 1911 - December 1914
Hass Bank Note Engraving Company of New York
perf 12 and 14
white woven paper
remainders - no record of any remainders or reprints
counterfeits - none known but many counterfeit surcharges

The issues shows a tropical river scene with a side wheel paddle steamboat. It is probably the Ulua River, at that time navigable to the village of El Progresso. The 2c and 5c values were released in both perf 12 and perf 14. The one peso value was released only in perf 12. The rest are perf 14.

stamp image

Common Cancels

common cancels

Less Common Cancels

less common cancels

Rare Cancels

rare cancels

cover 2 BH81A local Usage New Year card from Puerto Cort├ęs, 1912. Notice the sender.

cover Rare BH90 cancel from El Porvenir

bisect cover from 1911 Cover mailed from Tela to Jamaica in December, 1915. The BH81A and L conceal the rarity of an Honduran Scene bisect. It was mailed a year after the stamp had been been withdrawn.

cover from 1911 Rare ODT cover

registered cover from 1913 Rare RV2 registration

Election of Manuel Bonilla

released February 1, 1912
typographed perf 11.5
3000 issued, rare on cover
1c postal rate was for local city use in Tegucigalpa
Bogus reprints are easy to spot and a common pest.

1912 Bonilla
Bonilla perf error This perforation error has surfaced. The back is fully gummed (MNH) so the nice, contemporary BH81A is not a genuine postal marking.

1912 Bonilla cover Rare Bonilla cover with common BH81A cancel dated May 7, 1912

 price 1911

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