Honduran Scene Surcharges

90th Anniversary of Independence Overprint

Sold only in Tegucigalpa starting September 15, 1911 2000 sold in sheets of 100 perf 12 overprinted at the Government Printing Works in Tegucigalpa.

90th Anniversary

90th Anniversary cancels

90th Anniversary Overprint Forgery

These are easy to tell since the genuine overprint is on the perf 12 original. If the perf 14 is overprinted, you have a counterfeit. Put down your perf gauge. Count the complete perfs along the top margin. 17 or less? perf 12. 18 or more? perf 14. Then notice the genuine overprint below is sharply printed, in most cases also a bit faint or under-inked.

 1911 red

Here are two counterfeits.

1911 red counterfeit

1913 Honduran Scene Surcharges

Stamps of 1911 surcharged in black, rose or blue-black because of stamp shortages in first half of 1913.
Printed between February and July 1913
Counterfeit surcharges exist.

surcharges image

Surcharge Common Cancels

surcharges cancels

1913 Surcharges

Amapala cover mailed August 1913 with BH81B cancels.

1913 Surcharges

1913 cover with L cancel.

1913 Honduran Scene Surcharge Forgeries

2 centavos overprint

Genuine have fine, sharp serifs on all letters.

0verprint forgeries


 price 1911 surcharges

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