The Two Types of the Sierra-Bonilla Issue

The one cent brown

1913 one cent The late version added slashed shading to the vertical uprights and to Sierra's jacket and bowtie. The brown is also a bit lighter.

The two cent red

1913 2 cent

The two cent had an undetermined number of sheets printed in which every fourth row of five stamps had Sierra's image tilted slightly but noticeably to the right. The amount of tilt varies a bit but in all cases simply look at the level of Bonilla's eyes. The tilted version will always have one eye a bit lower than the other.

1913 2 cent Another way to tell is to draw a straight line from the middle of the nose through the middle between the eyebrows and on up. If the the line points to the D it is not slanted. If the line points to the U it is.


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