Trial Printing

An attempt was made to internally print a new Herrera 6c stamp in house. The result was considered unacceptable and the 10,000 copies were stored away. Herrera stamps were then ordered from overseas.

 Herrera unissed

Rare cover showing postal usage of the unreleased stamp. It sports the new BH50 cancel and was mailed by Durón to himself from Amapala four years after the stamps were stored away.

1922 - 2c Carmine surcharge

After more then twenty years without change, at the end of 1921 the first class international letter rate was lowered to 6 centavos. A shortage of six cent stamps exploded and was addressed in late 1922. A decree of November 17, 1922 authorized the surcharging of 100,000 of the 2c carmine Morazáns to 6c. However only a small portion of the lot was surcharged at one time. Why? The order of new stamps from Germany was anticipated. The type settings were broken down as type was needed for other jobs. This process resulted in genuinely accidental variations, just like the Sierra Bonilla surcharges. So go for it. These are fun!

1922 surcharge

This surcharge was in clear black; the font is Antique. Punctuation or a letter was occasionally dropped or misplaced.

The 8 Surcharge Varieties

1922 varieties

Fake Error crafted for an American stamp catalog

1922 fakes

On the left is a genuine stamp surcharged on a Printing A sheet at position 13. On the right is the same Printing A position 13 stamp hand crafted with two very different fake surcharges. Inverted or double surcharges would have required either an impossible repositioning of the entire primary transfer or intentional creation directed by one of the corrupt elites in postal management.


1922 cancels

1922 cover 1
BH72 cancel over ALE surcharge from Printing A position 37.

1922 cover 2 BH81A bar cancel with stamp positions 17, 18 (no stop) and 19 of Printing A. The LO postmark was used only in Tela.

1922 cover 3
Certified May, 1923 mailing with mix of older and surcharged Morazáns.

1923 2c Carmine surcharge

This is another group of hurried printings of the same surcharge. This time the Roman font was used and there are two settings distinguishable, one narrow line spacing and one wider line spacing. Raised and lowered letters all over the place and occasional wrong fonts thrown in.

1923 vale seis


1923 vale seis cancels

1923 vale seis cover BH72 cancel with CMc postmark on a wide setting cover
1923 wide setting cover BH72 cancel and early usage of C postmark on a wide setting cover


 prices 1923

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