1923 Morazán 50c Surcharges

1923 fonts

Antique Surcharge

1923 50c surcharge

Surcharge ink varies from black through green
2 settings, Setting II in dull green and missing final stop is common
1 type HABILTADO (position 25 of printing A in surcharge setting II LH position 15)

1923 BH72 cancel


Setting I has no spelling errors but no fewer then 14 Roman font errors. It can be fun to seek them out. Here is one from position 3:
1923 Roman C

Roman Surcharge

50c Roman Surcharge

One of two different surcharge settings applied left then right on the 10x5 sheets of 2c carmine stamps.
Three printings of the 2c carmine stamps were surcharged.
Surcharge varies from green to black.
5 types appear. CAS, CAT, HABILTADO VAIE, TCA, TTS


Roman Narrow Surcharge

50c Roman Narrow

Roman surcharge with narrow spacing
Big Red. One of the rarest of Honduran stamps
1 5x5 narrowly-spaced surcharge setting (Number 3) applied left then right on the 10x5 sheets of stamps made with Printing A of the 2c carmine printings from 1919
surcharged in bluish black
numeral to text spacing reduced from 6 to 2 points
type TTS in position 2, TCS in position 17, TCA in position 18

Here is a layout of all that is known of this rarest of Honduran stamp Settings:

 209 layout


prices 1923

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