1924 Dionisio de Herrera

herrera image Herrera was the first leader of Honduras and is known as the father of the country. He was the uncle and tutor of Morazán. His leadership was overthrown by the Catholic Church and the idle rich.

Validity: May 3, 1924 - December 1926 (revolution delayed issue)
-printed by C.A. Nikolaus of Bremen, Germany
-perf 11 by 11.5, lithographed
-control marks - yes see Control Marks
-remainders - disposition unknown, no record of being sold
-counterfeits - none known
-This stamp displays an image of the bust of Herrera located in Herrera Park in Tegucigalpa. It was placed there in 1915.

1c - 2 million
2c - 2 million
6c - 1.5 million
10c - 1 million
20c - 500,000
50c - 100,000
1p - 50,000

The stamps arrived at the port of Amapala in January 1924 when a revolution was in process. They remained there until the end of the power struggle. May 3, 1924 was declared the first day of issue.

These stamps came in two image sizes. They are all 19x24 mm except for the 5c, 10c and 15c which are larger at 20x25 mm. The perforation gauge is a consistant 11.5 while perforated size varies all over the place suggesting multiple printings. The larger perforated sizes came later than the smaller.

herrera stamps

Common Cancels

Common cancels

Flag cancel
Propaganda cancels first appeared in December, 1924 as postmarks on envelopes to promote various ideas. They quickly became used to cancel stamps. Some came and went in a few years like the Flag and Education cancels. Others, like the Peace cancel were used for twenty years. See Propaganda Cancels under Cancellations.

herrera cover1 The BI cancel is unique to La Ceiba. The bisect BIC with L postmark was mailed October 1924.

herrera cover2 The LO is unique to Tela. The bisect BH72 with a LO postmark mailed August 1924.

1924 Counterfeit Control Marks

1924 Three Signatures

The Membreño gang surcharged some of the Herrera leftovers as decorative "air officials" and "officially" sold the glorified counterfeits directly to stamp dealers in the United States.

1924 duron

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