1925 - President Elect Baraona

Validity: Feb 1, 1925 - December 1928.
First day of issue was first day of presidency.
Printed by the National Printing Works, Tegucigalpa
Perf 11.5, typographed, both perf and imperforate
No color was requested so they used a total of five colors using up ink on hand.
Remainders - none known
Counterfeit "reprints" - many were printed.
Counterfeits - more common than genuine or the "reprints."

The orange red is extremely rare. Covers showing local usage are also rare. The 5 by 5 sheets were produced with a broad margin. They were perforated by a machine that could complete but a single line at a time thus there are a few perfs out of line and with a perforation rough and irregular. Many imperforate sheets were given as a favor directly to supporters of Baraona's newly-formed Nationalist party. The stamp colors are related to the trademark colors of political parties. Durón sold a group directly to an American dealer right from the printing office and went on to decorate hundreds of Estrada postcards for his clients!

Three distinct papers were used. Preliminary essays were printed with poor impressions, somewhat over-inked, on very coarse, ungummed paper. With rare exceptions the printing tests were printed using ordinary, soft, white paper with a pronouned and regular mesh. Again, no gum was applied. The regular issue was printed on white paper of low quality with a very fine mesh and a brownish gum - not whiteish.

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1925 Baraona

partial sheet

Partial sheet of the green Baraona

1925 Baraona cover 1 Rare local usage cover with Lb cancel unique to Tegus. It was mailed March 2, 1925

1925 Baraona cover 2 Estrada postcard with rare orange red Baraonas

1925 Baraona cover 2 Estrada postcard with brown and rare green Baraona

1925 Baraona forgeries

These forgeries are a concern because the stamps are not inexpensive. Fortunately, they are easy to determine. Most were produced in Mexico City. A photo of the stamp was used to create a printing plate. They have a blurred, overinked appearance and there is a broken line off Barona's left ear. There is also a complete lack of fine frame lines around the design. The second bogus type looks pretty good but has very limited frame lines and at least one margin perfed 13.5!

baraona forgeries

Here is an example of a reprint that is highly overinked. Notice that the image is of the correct size but the stamp is way too large. Most reprints are not so obvious. A give away is the lack of or very few fine border lines around the design as seen on the image to the right. These unauthorized reprints were passed on covers in the mail in the late twenties and early thirties, usually with 1929-1930 airmails.

Baraona reprints

price baraona

Honduras Report by Richard Washburn The Oxcart, winter 1996.
Honduras Report by Richard Washburn The Oxcart, spring 1997.
Kohl Handbuch. 1933.
Los Paz Baraona por Irving Green in Honduras Filatélica, fall 1978 pps. 3-9.
Riehl Collection.

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