1927 Pictorial Issue

Typography at National Printing Works, Tegucigalpa
Issued in 1927 and demonitized after only 2 years
Perf 11.5, paper is first watermarked paper, a network of round ovals.

The designs show famous men or symbols of Honduras. The designer was a Honduran artist, Hector Lopez Callejas. His designs had merit but they did not survive the reduced format of the stamps. The stamps were printed in sheets of 25 in a 5x5 format except for the 6c which came in a sheet of 50 or ten rows of five. The most popular values went through several printings resulting in the various colors. The 5c blue-gray is very difficult to find because most were later overprinted in 1929.

In 1929 imperforate full sheets of the 6c were stolen from the National Printing Works. The sheets were perfed with a sewing machine and some actually passed through the mail in Tegucigalpa. To prevent their use the government demonitized all values of the pictorial issue that were not overprinted with a control mark.

1927 pictorials

Common Cancels

Pictorial cancels

Pictorial cover BH50 cancel and ADM postmark mailed from Puerto Cortés August, 1929

pictorial cover 2 BH50 cancel and CRM postmark mailed from San Pedro Sula March, 1929

pictorial cover 3 BH50 cancel mailed from Puerto Castilla September, 1929


1927 prices

Anderson Catalog of Classic Honduras Stamps ©2013.
Honduras Report by Richard Washburn from The Oxcart, Fall 1997.
Correspondance from Jose Mejia to Richard Washburn date July 5, 1989.