1927 Surcharges

The fifth emission of surcharges was in February, 1927. 160,000 of the 6c on 20c brown were released, 140,000 of the 6c on 15c violet and 115,000 of the 6c on 20c yellow brown.

surcharge A sheet 240

surcharge cover 5 BH81H cancel mailed from Tegus November, 1927

surcharge cover 4 BH72 with CO and Peace postmarks mailed from La Libertad August, 1927

surcharge B surcharge cover
BH81A and La postmark mailed from La Guanaja Auguat, 1927

Because they were mistakenly placed within the stack of violet stamps a few sheets of the 6c on 15c blue were released.

surcharge C


prices 1927 surcharges

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