1928 Airmail Service

This opens in mid May of 1928 under a contract between the government and the Tela Railroad Company. Two trips between Tegus and Tela were to be made weekly. No special stamps were issued for this service and covers generally carry the "CORREO AEREO" cachet. The service was irregular. The Postmaster General report of of 1930-31 stated that flights were made "when the company possessed an airplane."

1928 airmail cover
This is a mourning cover from the Anderson collection posted in Tegus on June 15, 1928 addressed to La Ceiba. It was flown to Tela and bears a backstamp dated June 17. From there it was carried by train to La Ceiba and arrived on June 19, according to the backstamp of that office. The cover bears very early usage of the CORR to Tegus, early usage of the Lo Olvide propaganda cancel, the LT unique to Tela and the CMS unique to La Ceiba.

There was a 6 centavo postage fee in addition to a 15 centavo airmail fee for pilot Sunny Morgan. Other flight dates verified by covers were posted from Tegus June 8, June 21 and June 29.


1928 airmail service pricing

Anderson Collection
The Second Airmail Service in Honduras in the American Philatelist July 1942 pps. 666-668.