1928 Estrada Post Cards

Estrada cards Introduced very late in 1928 just in time for the new passion for first flight mail.
Durón decorated hundreds of these cards during the first flight frenzy.

Estrada control marks
The tax administration seal and signature facsimile of the Director were stamped on the postcards after a robbery from inventory was discovered.

Estrada card 2
Mailed from Durón's office in Tegus in November, 1928 with the rather new D cancel. Notice the number 6 written in the lower left corner. The handwriting is distinctive. There was no airmail service at the time but Durón adding The CORREO AEREO Tegucigalpa stamp from the second airmail service was a touch of artistic license.

Estrada card B
Celebrating the release of the Herrera 25c surcharge on September 13, Durón came up with a special cancel to promote the September 15 first international flight.

Estrada card A
But there was no flight. The cards were carried to Tela by donkey. Durón's addition of Baraonas still provides a unique postcard. Red Baraonas are rare and used copies are close to unique.

Estrada cancel
Again Durón came up with a special cancel for the October 7 first flight.

Estrada card E
And again there was no flight. Again the cards were carried to Tela by donkey.

Mexico cancel
He did it again! Another special cancel for the Mexico first flight.

Mexico cover
There was a flight but from San Lorenzo. The postcards were carried by truck to San Lorenzo the night before the flight to Mexico.

Estrada card 4
Mailed from Durón's office in Tegus in December, 1929 with the CORR postmark used only in Tegus. It is an exchange between Durón and Luff about inventory and stamp sales at the Scott Stamp company. What Durón prints goes directly to the American stamp dealer where Luff adds them to their catalog and peddles them. At least Seebeck waited until the stamps were demonitized. American entrepreneurship.

Estrada card 1
Mailed from La Ceiba in January, 1931 with ADM postmark. It is a very late usage and rare without the Vega control mark and seal.

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