On February 4, 1929 FAM 5 was initiated between Miami and Panama. While enroute to Panama, Lindberg's plane landed in Tela for technical assistance for about an hour on February 5. Since the Honduran government had no postal contract with PAA at the time, no mail was dropped off or collected. A number of decorative souvenir covers were distributed by Lindberg while in Tela.

About the same time the Garay stamps were being sold for the purpose of creating an insurance fund for the aviator Garay who was planning a non-stop flight from New York to Tegucigalpa. They never became popular in Honduras for two reasons. The proposed flight never took place and the face value of the stamp was far too great for ordinary postal like use. They are not postage stamps.

1929 Garay issue

1929 Airmails


Intended for use for the first airmail flight between Tela on the north coast and Miami, Florida. It was first used on the first such flight, September 27, 1929. Flight was delayed a week from the cancellation date on covers (September 21) because of weather.

Issued September 15, 1929. The 1924 regular issue was surcharged in very very dark blueish black.
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 C13C and C14C


Issued on October 6, 1929. Intended for the first flight from Tegucigalpa to Tela. The flight was planned for October 7, 1929 and first flight covers bear that date. However, the flight was delayed until October 15. Surcharged in sheets of 50. There are no legitimate varieties.

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C15 to C17 1929 airmail cover

LAST 1929 SURCHARGE - Types C and D

Issued December 10, 1929, they were surcharged in black or red. There are no legitimate varieties.

 C18 and C19

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