Later 1930 Air Mail Overprints

On April 1 three more stamps were released with the new Type F surcharge along with 10 varieties. C26 C27 C28
A few of the 50c red bridge officials were also brought out of storage and stamped with the Type F surcharge with three variations.
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On May 19 the Type I surcharge was introduced on the 20c Herrera. C32

C32 cover
OCX with ADM5 and BH50 mailed fron San Lorenzo September 1930

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A few days later, on May 23, three more stamps were released with the Type K surcharge.

C38 C39 C40

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National Palace Issue October, 1930

They arrived! The long wait for the stamp order to arrive from the American Bank Note Company in New York was over. All are engraved, recess printed, perf 12 and released the first day of October.

From the American Bank Note Company vault

C41 printing plate
American Bank Note Company hardened recessed die of the 5 centavo Palace Issue

C41 printing die proof
Matching 6805 die proof pulled from the above die

C41 printing plate proof
Matching color plate proof of 6805

C41 C45 C41 to C45 cancels

multiple cover
This cover was posted from Tela on February 3, 1934 with a Peace cancel and D2 postmark. OCX pricing is $15. The Castaneda control signature has a multiplier of 2 so that ups the total to $30. The fact that it is a multiple with an additional stamp variety would push the value to over $40.

C41 to C45 cover 3 This cover was posted from Puerto Castilla, Colón on October 25, 1933 with a LO3a cancel unique to that city and the OCX value stands at $15. The Mejia control signature carries a multiplier of 2.5 so we are at $37.50 for this one. Probably higher for it is a multiple.

------------------------------------------------- market prices for national palace issue

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David Field's Priced Catalogue of Air Mail Stamps of the world 1932. London 1932.