Signature Control Marks of 1933 and 1934

What is my stamp with a control signature worth?

You will notice a colored numeral with each control signature. These are multipliers used to determine the pricing of a stamp displaying that particular control signature.

First, find the price of your particular stamp in the catalog. For example, the 2c yellow Gazette with a Peace cancel is priced at six dollars in the catalog. Does the stamp also have a control signature? Great! Find the control signature in the chart below and the colorful numeral next to it. Now multiply the six dollar stamp price times the number from the chart.

Let's say your stamp has a Castañeda signature from Atlántida? See the blue "2"? Now multiply your 6 dollars times the multiplier of 2. There you have the total value of your stamp with that specific control sig... $12.

 1933 control signatures -----------------------------------------
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