1930-1931 Air Post Officials

In late 1930 Official stamps of 1924 were surcharged with Type L and Type M.

Type L

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Type L

Type M

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Type CO5

Type Q

The 1931 officials, "view of Tegucigalpa," were overprinted with Type Q to produce the next air official. The black overprint went first with a host of printing changes. There are misspellings like "Exterlor" and "Extrior" and various misplaced commas, periods or letters. The default Roman font is occasionally replaced with Antique, usually involving the capital H or E. One international catalog has thrown out the entire set! Most give it limited, if minimal acceptance.
The very very very dark blue, really blueish black, Q appeared next. The overprint color difference is obvious in side by side comparison under magnification and good lighting. But in a casual glance they look identical. This is a printing ink change that seems to be somewhat accepted internationally.
The "inverted" Q and ink colors like blue or red are not internationally recognized. Sure. It can be fun to seek all the "mistakes." Many of us do. The market for these items can get quite hot. But they are not postage stamps.

No reprints or counterfeits are known.

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Contrasting examples of the black and very dark blue overprint.

Genuine covers of airmail officials are difficult to find, other than the creations of STOs and CTOs from the desk of Membreño Durón.

Above is a genuine cover addressed to the Belgian envoy for an extradition meeting held in Guatemala City in the summer of 1933. The D2 and BH50 cancels are contemporary in Tegus. Membreño had no control over Exterior Relations mail.

Cove 2r
Probably a Membreño CTO. Certified but not posted until several days later. The 50c has a punctuation "mistake."


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