type S

A Classic Durón Fake

 type S group Hot of the press are sheets of Duron's "accidents" for shipment to his dealer/catalog front in New York. After 90 years the gringo catalog still promotes these as "varieties."  type S sheets  type S cover BH50 cancel on inverted overprint type S. The lovely registration marking and number is faked. By January 15 the Tegus post office was already registering #155. The 6c green stamps are actually genuine!

 type S cover 2 Addressed from Mr. Karl Snow to Mrs. Snow. Mr. Snow is famous for his basement print shop.

 type S cover 3 All Type S overprints were created by Durón for delivery to his stamp dealer fronts or Tegus buddies. Above he got carried away and changed 1932 to 193z.
type s prices -Anderson Collection.

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