This control mark was used to stamp letters arriving at a postal station bearing "T" or postage due; but subsequently not delivered to the addressee because the required due postage was not paid. Normally the postage required was double the standard fee charged to a sender for the same postal service.

No covers bearing "REHUSA" have been reported. Probably because any such letter was dropped in the "dead letter " box enroute to incineration. Herein lies the mystery. A few single stamps bearing "REHUSA" have been discovered all from lessor values of the regular issue of 1931.

Why just these stamps and no others bearing "REHUSA?"

Edgardo Alegría suggests a very plausible explanation. As long as the correspondance was incinerated, a short-term employee in charge of incineration was allowed to cut off the stamps. And from that single employee the rare stamps moved into Honduras postal history.


Anderson Collection
"Marca Postal REHUSA" by Edgardo Alegría in Honduras Filatélica June 1996 410-413.

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