1897 Documentary Stamps

Lithographed by the National Printing Works. Decree of June 1897 Perforated 11.5 The paper has aged from white through gray to a yellowish tan. Type T2. revdoc1897

Confirming the postage stamp shortage in August and September of 1898 are the following covers provided by Washburn. rev doc 1898 cover BH70 and LD postmark with D5 and D17 on letter posted September 1898.

rev doc 1898 cove 2r A second posting the same day from PC

The Kohl Handbook quotes a letter from Postmaster Toledo indicating D4 through D7 had a postal application because of a stamp shortage. Since Toledo and his family were into serious stamp peddling such a document seals the bogus creation of the Tegucigalpa I6's and unique BH7 2-2-3 that follows.

Toledo's Bogus Creations

No forged revenue stamps have been encountered. Postal applications for revenue stamps have been used in unusual instances where postage stamps were not available. Thus they are rare. Much less rare are genuine revenue stamps with bogus postal cancellations.

1897 fraud revenues

This counterfeit cancellation is found on both the 1897 and 1898 sets. It is a poor attempt at a BH7 cancel (See cancellations). The 7 horizontal bars above arranged 2-2-3 are never seen in Honduran Postal history. It is interesting that the counterfeiter made a variety of ink colors available. This counterfeit cancellation has never been observed combined with a control mark. More fakes are illustrated in the 1898 section.

revdoc 1897 prices

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