1898 Documentary Stamps

Lithographed by the National Printing Works in 1898. All perforated 11.5
21 x 31mm Printed on paper of various colors. Type T2
rev doc 1898

Making do. Revenues D16 and D17 used for postal applications. The LD was discontinued in 1900. The BH70 cancel was used until April, 1900.

rev doc postal use

In 1898 hundreds of D4-D7, D16 and D17 were favor canceled with an I6 usually with year missing and the month of May or December. The two month stamp shortage was over by November. They had no genuine postal use. Counterfeit cancels were also added to these stamps.

rev doc favor cancel

On the left is a genuine postal usage of the BH70. On the right is a fake 2-2-3 bar cancel on the 1 peso stamp. Ever hear of a shortage of 1 peso stamps?!

rev doc fakes

In 1898 the National Accounting Office stamped by hand a control mark on various stamps of the 1897 and 1898 issue. It was placed for inventory control and not the result of a robbery of inventory.

revdoc part 2 revdoc part 3 -----------------------------------------

prices revdoc 1898
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Images contributed by Jonathan Riehl.