Documentary Stamps 1935-1958

Engraved by Thomas de la Rue & Co in 1935. All perforated 13 Type T9. rev doc 1935

Lithographed by American Bank Note Company in 1945. Perforated 12 Type T8.

Engraved by Waterloo & Sons Limited, London in 1948. Perforated 13 Type T9.
rev doc 1948

Lithographed in 1957 by American Bank Note Company.
Perforated 12 Type T8.

rev doc 1957

1958 Signature Control Marks

In July of 1958 stamps from the 1948 printing (D109-D111) and the 1957 printing (D112-D113) were overprinted with control signatures for security. To date only four signatures have been encountered. They are pictured below along with their pricing multiplier.

1958 control
The letter a will be assumed (D109a through D113a) indicating overprinting and the name of the administrator will specify the specific stamp.

Find the base price of the stamp from the chart below and multiply it by the multiplier for the final price.

prices 1958
-Anderson Catalog of Classic Honduran Stamps by Craig Anderson © 2013.
-Primer Catálogo de Sellos Fiscales de Honduras por Edgardo Alegría Reichmann, Tegucigalpa, 2005.
-Revenues of Honduras by Joe Ross.
-several images provided by Edgardo Alegría.