Documentary Stamps 1978 to 1984

The issue of 1978 was printed by a private firm in Tegus, the B.C.H, who overprinted their brand on each stamp in various colors.

rev doc overprint These are the first documentaries perforated roulette.They are a combination of the T9 combined with a BCH (Banco Central Honduras) overprint. Size 24x33 mm Type T9.

rev doc 1980

In 1980 a 10L perf 12 T10 in red-orange with blue overprint was added. The same stamp has been reported without the overprint. rev doc 1980
Also added in 1980 is a large set of 14 varieties of type 10 from the 1970 set but perforated roulette and overprinted like above

rev dov 1980

1984 -all T9 type from 1935 and 48 roulette with B.C.H. brand. rev doc 1984

 prices 1978-84
Anderson Catalog of Classic Honduran Stamps ©2013.
Primer Catálogo de Sellos Fiscales de Honduras por Edgardo Alegría Reichmann, Tegucigalpa, 2005.
Revenues of Honduras by Joe Ross.
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