Documentary Stamps of  1988-1996

Four more denominations were added to the 1987 order...all Type 8 and perf 11, 2 ABNC and 2 BCH.

rev doc 1990
In November, 1991 roulette stamps returned to style from the ABNC. T8

rev doc 1991
BCH duplicated the 5L in October, 1995

rev doc perf overprint

Ten values were ordered from the Canadian Banknote company...all the new Type 11 and perf 13.5.

rev doc 1996

In June, 1996 a roulette stamp from the old T9 was printed locally by the Banco Central de Honduras. It has a shiney surface.

rev doc 1996 BCH1 ----------------------------------------
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Primer Catálogo de Sellos Fiscales de Honduras por Edgardo Alegría Reichmann, Tegucigalpa, 2005.
Revenues of Honduras by Joe Ross.
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