I - Primary Education Revenue Stamps

1932 Lithographed by the American Bank Note Company.
All perf 11.5

1 to 4

Surcharges imprinted by the National Printing Works on stamps from the 1924 and 1929 postage stamp issues. These were attached to bottles of strong liquor. The surcharge varied in numerical value. Decree of May and July 1932. Here are three examples.

primary education 7 to 11 16 to 19 21 to 23

The same robbery that led to the signature controls added to documentary revenues also affected the instructional revenue stamps.


1933 - Following decree of August 1933 more of the same surcharges were applied to 1 centavo postage stamps of the 1929 Official series.

i30 to i31

1935 - The National Printing Works lithograph at perf 11.5 decree unknown

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