River Scene Officials

Regular issue of 1911 overprinted
Hass Bank Note Engraving Company of New York
perf 12 and 14, lithographed
white woven paper
remainders - no record of any remainders or reprints
counterfeit overprints exist

The issues shows a tropical river scene with a sidewheel paddle steamboat. It is probably the Ulua River, at that time navigable to the village of El Progresso. The 2c and 5c values were released in both perf 12 and perf 14. The one peso value was released only in perf 14.

O28 to O39 image
O40 to O47 images
official surcharge 1
Cover with BH81A cancel and L postmark

River Scene Officials Forgeries

Remember, there are some very well done forgeries of these overprints and they are being sold in the market. Some de Thuin's require direct comparison with the images that follow. Others are easier to spot. Here you will find the numbered types but there are others. Overprint forgeries are much more common than the genuine issue. This is especially true in the more unusal varieties of higher catalog value.

If you don't see yours in the five images below look at the top terminator of the "C." Make sure it is there, is vertical, and rises to end in a fine point? Then check out the bottom terminator of the "L." Make sure it is there, is sharply vertical and rises to end in a fine point. See the genuine overprint directly below and remember the overprint is not like those of 1921 and later.

O28 to O39 forgeries

price Honduran scene officials
Honduras Report by Richard Washburn from The Oxcart, winter 1994.
Jonathan Riehl collection.

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