Overprints of 1931

Numerous forged overprints exist.
These overprints are control marks used to prevent the use of stolen stamps. They were released in July, 1931.

1931 overprints

Most Common Cancel

1931 overprint cancels

1931 overprint cover 4 CMc and Immigration cancel

1931 overprint cover 5 CMc and Immigration cancel

T.S.de C. Counterfeits

1931 genuine TS de C 5
Above is the genuine overprint.

De Thuin fakes are easy to spot.
Are any of the three periods missing? It is a de Thuin.
Look at the letter T. Is the vertical leg of the T without a pronounced bend to the left? It is a de Thuin. Is the top of the T straight without bulges on the ends? It is a de Thuin.

Find pricing for your stamp in the chart below. If your stamp also bears a signature control mark you should find the total price by clicking HERE.
prices for 1931 overprints -Anderson Catalog of Classic Honduran Stamps by Craig Anderson © 2013.
-Borcsok Collection of Honduran Provisionals.
-Honduras Report by Richard Washburn The Oxcart, summer 1989.
-Riehl Collection

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