1933 Start of Carías Dictatorship

The Sale to end all sales. Have you wondered why mint, hinged stamps from Honduras are so common and inexpensive. Here is a major reason. The government sold at auction all mint stamps in storage! Here is an announcement from Federico A. Smith, consul-general of Honduras in New Orleans. The article was published on January 6, 1933.

stamp sale

The Inauguration of Carías, February 1, 1933

Carias 1933

Common cancels

1933 cancels A

Carias FDC This BH50 cancel and ADb FDC postmark is on a counter sale cover

Carias cover A This LDH postmark is unique to French Harbor.

Carias cover B BH50 cancel and RM registration

Flag of the Race - August 3

Bandera de la raza The Day of the Flag of the Race is an annual holiday throughout Latin America. Started in Uruguay, it was adopted in Honduras in 1933 and by the Panamerican Union in December of 1933. It is celebrated on August 3, the day this stamp was issued in 1933. It is day of remembrance for the depredation caused by the European invasion of the Americas.

Flag of the Race

Common Cancels

Carias Cancels

Carias Cover Peace cancel and DAD postmark which was used only in Tegus.

Carias cover D Complete set with BH50 cancel and RMX mailed May 12, 1938 after the stamps were invalid. Current 1937 airmail stamps were attached to the reverse to cover part of the postage. To reach Brasil it had to travel first to New York.

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Carias prices -Anderson Collection.
-The Times-Picayune. "Honduras to Sell Old Stamp Issues." January 6, 1933 p.19.

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