Documentary Stamps 1932-1933

Lithographed by American Bank Note Company in 1932. All perforated 12 Type T8

revenue sample 1

In June 1933 the above three stamps were overprinted with signatures to stop the use of stamps stolen in 1932. We add the letter a to the catalog number to indicate the stamp carries such a signature. These become D102a - D104a.

Since there are many signatures the catalog number D102a must be followed by the name of the signature. Click HERE to find your signature and name.

D102 Lopez

But what do we do about pricing for all these?
Very simple.
There is a little number to the right of each signature. To see it click back to the Lopez signature HERE.

Did you see the little colored number to the right? That's the Lopez multiplier. Find the catalog price of your D102 base stamp and multiply by that number for the price of the D102a Lopez. Easy.

revenue prices

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