Seebeck Stationery

Along with several other Latin American nations struggling with poverty, Honduras signed onto an agreement with a Mr. Seebeck of New York City. He flooded the market with these authorized reprints for collectors and forever tainted Latin American stamps as colorful wallpaper. They were made in the United States and are emblematic of the long trail of Yankee entreprenuership on foreign shores.

Seebeck marketed 15 pre-stamped envelopes, 16 wrappers and 12 post cards from his New York office. 99% of these creations never saw the shores of Honduras. Then again a few did make it to Honduras and were posted there and sold by real postal agencies. A nice mint set of Seebeck stationery can be of interest because they really are handsome. But we will concentrate on the genuine examples. These we know saw the mountains of Honduras and the hands of a Honduran postal worker...

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